Online Internet Trolls

and how to deal with their behaviour.

People that troll on the internet

If you’re involved with the online world, you’ve probably dealt with a troll or two. If you haven’t, you definitely will at some point. Social media platforms and chat rooms, in particular, are breeding grounds for these online trolls who love creative conflicts for their pleasure.

Social media has become a massive part of everyone’s lives. The human population is 7.3, billion whereas the number of internet users is 3.17 billion. With these massive numbers, the users will undoubtedly be subjected to some form of online trolling.

Trolls love causing conflicts on social media sites and chat rooms, by coming up with controversial statements for the primary purpose of creating havoc. They form problems for other users, trigger them, breed toxicity and enjoy watching the misery of others.

Sadly, the affects on victims of trolling and antisocial online behaviour can lead to physical and psychological issues. These can include lowered self-esteem, depression, and in some cases suicide.


Why do internet trolls do it?

Social media trolls are those people who are deliberately trying to provoke other people online by uttering offensive and inflammatory things. They find joy in making other people angry and upset.

These trolls rant, spew hate speech, attack someone’s character and say things to hurt someone’s feelings.

Don’t mix trolls with angry people.
Social media trolls are online bullies who will try their hardest to wreck lives!

While the internet is filled with people who state their opinions and share their negative, but sincere beliefs, these trolls often don’t believe even a word they write. But they say it anyway to upset other people.

How to handle online trolls?

With the rise in online trolling cases, it is important for youngsters to know how to deal with online trolls. Here are a few tips that’ll help you handle online trolls and fight back.

Unmask them

By taking away their power of being anonymous, you’ll make them think twice before leaving negative comments. If the trolls are scared of getting punished, they’ll probably stop themselves from trolling innocent people.

Ignore them

If there is one thing that online trolls crave, then it is attention. They want you to be frustrated, angry or uncomfortable. As difficult as it might be, ignoring online trolls is the best tactic because when they’re not getting a response, they’re more likely to go away.

Make light of the situation

Humor is a great way to handle online trolls. Using humor against trolling will make the trolls feel like their attempts aren’t fruitful as it is making you laugh as opposed to making you frustrated and angry.

Fight back with facts

If you find yourself becoming a target of misinformation or rumors spread by online trolls, it would be best to fight back with facts. Quashing the rumors with concrete proof will stop the trolls from having the last laugh while it’ll also prevent the false rumors from spreading.

How we deal with online trolls

When dealing with online trolls, we find it's best to take away their anonymity. A troll will often try to hide their true identity by using software which can be downloaded freely online. You may have seen or heard of VPN and Proxy connections before. These free programs hide your true IP address, making trolls feel invisible and even more powerful!

All our visitors are checked if they are using this software. Should a user be hiding behind a false connection, they will be kicked from our site with a polite warning. Since our launch in 2018, we have blocked just shy of 22% of VPN, Proxy and Tor traffic.

Not only do we screen our visitors connections to Teenagers Chat, we have a good selection of awesome moderators who volunteer their time to keep our website safe, whilst chatting in a safe enviroment themselves.

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