House Rules

A few chat rules to keep Teenagers Chat awesome

Please do Not..

  • harass, be disruptive, offensive or abusive towards our members or staff
  • treat members any different to how you would treat someone in a real life situation
  • share personal information in the main chat rooms. If you really want to share your details, please do this in a private message (at your own risk)
  • report any suspicious behaviour to a moderator or through our contact form
  • spam/share any other chat room website, social media account or any other URL's! We know our chat room is safe and would like our members to remain in a safe environment
  • upload images of a sexual nature or images that are too revealing in your profile or in main chat
  • ignore our staff and moderators, as volunteers they work very hard to make sure your chat experience is awesome
  • type in any other language apart from English. This is an English chat website only


Don't forget to..

  • introduce yourself to our members and staff when you register
  • complete your Teenagers profile and upload an avatar image (any kind of image will do)
  • report any posts that are offensive or contain spam links
  • report any suspicious behaviour to a moderator or through our contact form
  • share our site with friends and help our community grow
  • have an amazing time and remember to stay safe when chatting online
  • consider supporting us by upgrading to a VIP account
  • never stop being awesome

A Polite Reminder..

Failure to adhere or persistently break rules, will result in being muted, kicked or banned.